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French Bulldog has enjoyed a long history as a companion dog. Created in England to be a miniature Bulldog, they accompanied English lacemakers to France, where they acquired their “Frenchie” moniker.

Besides being companions, they once served as excellent ratters, but today their job focuses on being fabulous family friends and show dogs. They’re a somewhat rare dog breed, but you may find them in shelters and rescues. Opt to buy one at if you can!

If you’re thinking about adopting and bringing a goofy, slobbering French Bulldog puppy home, here are a few facts you should know.

French Bulldog is a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have shorter snouts than other dogs. This can lead to breathing issues, especially when it comes to swimming or flying in an airplane.

If you want to take your Frenchie for a swim, be sure to have them geared up with some puppy floaties and stay close to them, as they literally cannot keep their snout–or the rest of their body–above water.

Stout and sturdy, French Bulldogs have a way of emitting a certain–aroma, let’s say. Frenchies have something of a reputation not only of breathing issues, but also some gas issues.

French Bulldog puppies can grow very accustomed to living in the lap of luxury. Since they’re a companion breed, nothing pleases them more than hanging out next to you.

Just because they can be a little lazy doesn’t mean they don’t love to play, though. French Bulldogs can be incredibly silly and playful.

When looking at a picture of an British Bulldog puppy, you can’t help but wonder: What’s going on? Why the excess skin? Why so many wrinkles? What’s he hiding in there? Another British Bulldog puppy, perhaps?

A better question might be: How much do you want to sink your hands into this dog?

To be sure, British Bulldogs are among the cutest of the wrinkly puppies, but all that extra skin will be put to good use as the massive frame of this short, stocky, majestic little pup fills in. But for several short lapdog months you’ll have plenty of extra skin to rub between your fingertips as you sit on the couch and muse on your wonderful companion, marveling at the size of his mouth and the width of his head and wondering if you should insist on the original “Bolddogge” spelling when filling out his paperwork at the vet (go for it).

The sweet, amiable, affectionate English Bulldog makes an excellent companion for children. Talk to your vet about feeding your new Bulldog pup who will need several feedings a day in the beginning and less as he or she grows up. Bulldogs tend to put on excess weight if their diet and nutrition is not managed properly so be sure to stay on top of that.

You’ll also want to make sure to keep lots of cool, fresh, clean water easily accessible since Bulldog pups tend to over heat faster than some other breeds. You’ll also want to check your pup’s ears regularly for discharge or smell since they can get infected and cause your puppy to be very uncomfortable.

Bulldog puppies are full of sweetness and love, much of which overflows in the folds and wrinkles of the extra puppyhood skin.

Enjoy your new Bulldog pup!

AUSTRALIA DOGZONE ANKC Registered Breeder is located in Broome,WA 6725 , Australia. We have registered French Bulldog and British Bulldog  Breeders in Australia. We specialize in breeding quality French and English Bulldogs in standard colours and we offer quality and companion bullies to the most discerning families. We are exceptionally passionate about the breed and strive to maintain the correct breed standard, with the exception of adding gorgeous colours, Our primary goals is on structure, health and temperament to create healthy, loving French and British Bulldogs that will lead a full and happy life. Our French and British Bulldogs have the correct body structure, size, gait, and movement. Most of our puppies have Champion and multi-international Champions in their pedigrees, even though we breed colours! We are a family breeder, and our puppies are raised inside as part of our family with young children, other dogs, and lots of noise! When they are ready to join their new families, you can rest assured your new furbaby will come pre spoilt as a happy, confident, and well-adjusted pup.



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Quality Breeding
Quality Breeding
Carefully planned breeding for temperament and a variety of colors

Loved & Socialized
Loved & Socialized
Raised with lots of love, we strive to give our pups healthy, routine interactions.

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Certified Vet-Check
Each puppy’s health is certified by an independent veterinarian and is fully vaccinated.

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Health Guarantee
All of our pups come with a 1 year Genetic Health Guarantee.

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We have ANKC Registered Pure Bred French and British Bulldogs puppies For Sale. Puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated, wormed every two weeks before going there new forever home. All puppies come with pedigree papers from MDBA. They have/will be brought up around children. I am a registered breeder with MDBA, bin/supply number.